A Race to the Bottom With Sebastian Gorka!

With todays breathless coverage of Sebastian Gorka separating from FOX News we thought it apropos to reflect on Dr. Sebastian Gorka and his brief stint as “Chief Strategist” for the MAGA Coalition.

What we’ve learned after his brief tenure with us was that his time at the White House was rocky, to say the least, according to most reputable beltway sources. His connection to the serial leaker and all around toxic personality Steve Bannon did little to make his job prospects at the White House anything more than a fleeting fever dream.

Then there were the rumors of his inability to pass background checks – a prerequisite for holding his position at the White House.

We have concluded that Donald Trump fired him and his departure from the White House was made to look like he resigned as a method for him to save the last shred of his reputation. Whether he was implicated in the myriad of Bannon leaks to Chuck Johnson and Mike Cernovich is anyone’s guess. I tend to think he was involved, hence his hurried departure.

Gorka’s brief stint with us was cut short when he allowed a twitter troll account “0hour1” to intimidate him. After taking over $40,000 from the MAGA Coalition he wouldn’t even do us the courtesy of an adult dialogue. He simply cut and ran like a coward. The twitter troll celebrated thusly:

Well after this sordid affair with Gorka had played out, I discovered Sebastian Gorka’a low impulse control regarding internet trolls was not a single aberration with us. It was, in fact, a feature of his character.

Sebastian Gorka is a thin skinned cowardly lion. That is the reality we have been forced to concede. Gorka actually had the audacity to deny his departure from our PAC was not motivated by internet trolling, but time has proven that he is incapable of controlling himself, whether it be in showing prudence with trolls, critics or even journalists who ask ‘naughty’ questions he doesn’t like:

In each case he displays childish, even craven behavior, all the while exuding a false bravado of competence.

Todays news that he is no longer darkening the hallways of FOX News comes as no surprise to the senior members of the MAGA Coalition who knew him personally. In short, we found him to be an unlikable, selfish coward with little ability to raise money or fill a hall.

Perhaps he will finally be able to do something substantial with his Salem Radio Talk Show. Only time will tell. But a radio show heard in a handful of markets is a far cry from the heat he generated when he was with the MAGA Coalition. That fire has dimmed to almost a match-flame. As well it should.

We are amused by the mocking whispers from beltway insiders that Gorka is holding out hope for a prized surrogate position with the Trump 2020 campaign. Our sources in the campaign tell us emphatically there is no chance in hell of that ever happening. Enjoy your radio career, Seb! Let’s hope you don’t flip out on the callers or get scared off by Twitter trolls this time!

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