Adam Gingrich: A Call to Action

In light of Robert Mueller’s ill-advised attempts to conflate the pre-election and private activities of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates with the Trump campaign, there appears to be an urgent need for real and independent investigation of actual crimes committed in Washington D.C.

With half a year gone by, and a massive unchecked investigation by Mueller, not to mention a handful of congressional inquiries, nary a scintilla of evidence has been produced showing any collusion between the Trump campaign and, well, anyone. It’s absurd. It’s political theater and it’s undermining the functionality of our government.

Meanwhile, what do we actually know about the stunning infiltration of the Awan brothers and the DNC? Nothing. What do we know about the obvious pay-for-play scam that was the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s use of it as Secretary of State? Nada. What do we know about the blatant collusion between the DNC and Clinton campaign with Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and Russian agents? Almost nothing. How about the bribery, racketeering, and extortion involving the FBI and Obama administration that led to selling 20% of national uranium supply? Zilch. 33k missing emails? Comey exonerating Hillary before the investigation even really began…Loretta Lynch interfering and having secret talks with Bill Clinton on the tarmac…Obama officials unmasking the entire Trump campaign…the FBI abusing the FISA Courts to ascertain warrants based off a paid opposition research dossier filled with lies. All of it. What has been investigated? Nothing. It boggles the mind.

I am calling for Congress to execute their statutory authority to have a Special Counsel appointed to investigate all of the above “matters.” It is Congress’s responsibility to recognize its own inability to effectively investigate these issues without partisan interference. It’s time for an independent and apolitical investigation into these issues. Now that we know President Trump is innocent and uninvolved with any matters of illegality, let’s move on to the litany of other serious challenges to our democracy. Mueller can’t do it. Sessions won’t do it. So against all odds and historical performances, Congress must. And they must do so NOW!

Adam Gingrich
President – MAGA Coalition

8 Responses to Adam Gingrich: A Call to Action

  1. MelissaR says:

    Please provide the House rule or federal statute authority to push for either another special counsel or commission that we can cite to our Electeds. Any legal authority will help when we make personal contact or when we spread the word. Thanks in advance.

    • MAGA COALITION says:

      Congress could initiate the creation of an independent special counsel for investigations by passing a law, as it did in 1978 with the Ethics in Government Act. The law dictated that a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, appoint the counsel.

      Such a law would have to be either signed by Trump or, in the event of a presidential veto, overridden by a two-thirds majority of both houses of Congress. There is a precedent, however, for a president to sign an independent-counsel law amid scrutiny. Clinton signed a reauthorization of the 1978 law in 1994 amid several allegations of misconduct.

      • MelissaR says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. Could Trump sign another reauthorization? If so, would the reauthorization need to pass through Congress? If it doesn’t need to and Trump could reauthorize it independent of Congress, would this be the better route to take rather than trying to get Congress to act?

      • If three judges were chosen to appoint the counsel, how will that work in our best interests when most of the judges in D.C. are controlled by Democrats?

  2. Susan Dunlap says:

    Great thoughts, and such a pity that so much continues to be ignored and obstructed. The deep state is so deep that the legislative and administrative arms are seemingly immobilized. There are many treatments for cancer, so there must be some effective solutions for this travesty as well. We must unite our collective political wills and move forward. God is on the side of the righteous. Trump has not given up. We must hold up his arms in this battle. He is used to long hard fights. Keep our eyes on the prize.

  3. Susan Dunlap says:

    Get tougher, smarter, less politically correct. DJT

  4. Jay Stewart says:

    Susan Dunlap hit the nail on the head. Look at the historically chosen special prosecutors, post Watergate. None of them found – or if they found, put together a case – that dealt with what they were appointed for. Only “little fish” were ever charged, and then for meaningless matters, often erroneously. They were all denizens of the swamp. A three judge panel would do that again. We need a special prosecutor with skill and a commitment to enforce our Constitution. KrisAnne Hall is such a prosecutor. Even though she and I were always on opposite sides in the courtroom (she as a prosecutor, me,during the time I faced her as a defense counsel), I found her to be hardworking, a worthy adversary, possessing skill at her job, and to have great integrity. She is the special prosecutor we need.

    I have started a White House petition to recommend that President Trump direct – not ask, but direct – Sessions to appoint KrisAnne Hall as a special prosecutor. The appointment would not require congressional approval, and if she is given authority to investigate government corruption, she could prosecute and convict many of the President’s opponents, including Mueller, Rosenstein, Clinton, etc. That would leave a whole in the swamp in which the President could accomplish much.