Ali Alexander the Scammer Round 2 – Gabe Hoffman #giantkiller Interview – Defango TV

Tonight we have Gabe Hoffman from an open Secret giving us some more major information about Maga Grifter and Scammer Ali Alexander. He dropped on Text and testimony on MAGA Coalition about his history of helping out Ali in the past. Then he bring us some hidden informaton that has been held back on this one. We have to admit it’s weird that Ali is now Calling Gabe a Scammer among other things, while not saying that he is sorry to Mindy. I wonder how Ali would Far against Randy Couture in the ring, He can be happy about the nasty thing he’s saying about his Girlfriend. This is Round 2 of the No Hold barred takedown of the “Giant” Ali Akbar Alexander and then we moving on to other so called kings!

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