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  • New Daily Dot Article on MAGA Coalition and Praying Medic Out Now!

    Posted on by MAGA

    Those conflicts have now exploded into open warfare, as QAnon used several “drops” to attack the Sebastian Gorka-linked pro-Trump PAC MAGA Coalition, whose members are fighting back by going after Praying Medic, a prominent QAnon “decoder” who has risen to the top of a crowded swamp of Q personalities by fusing evangelicalism with conservative politics, questioning his charity’s tax-exempt status.

    And in doing so, they feel they’ve cracked the entire conspiracy wide open.

    Great article at the The Daily Dot. Definitely worth the read. Check it out!

  • Message from MAGA Coalition, Inc President – Adam Gingrich

    Welcome to the new frontier of American politics. If you’re here, there’s a good chance you are interested in helping this country return to prosperity and unity. Let me tell you a little about who we are. Our MAGA Coalition is more than just a Super PAC, it’s a place for all Americans who love their country to come together and effectuate the changes needed to heal, to prosper and to be a guiding light of freedom to the world. Read More