Douglas Stewart Interviews Andrew Breitbart – Lost Audio

I had written a book review for Yahoo! on Righteous Indignation (buy it) and Yahoo! killed it. As the book when gangbusters my editor asked me to do a Q&A with Andrew. This is that audio

I realize the quality is terrible. We are going to try and clean it up and re-upload. It was recorded over speakerphone and an old school Sony recorder. If you hear a clink that’s the ice in my whiskey

Only half of this every made it to print, and its long been taken off Yahoo! Shortly after this interview Andrew passed away.

In it, he talks about the importance of “informative entertainment” and having fun with the battle. It sounds a lot like the genesis for memes to be honest. You be the judge on that.

We talk about his battle against the media and particularly with Martin Bashir; we also learn that other MSNBC folks were telling Bashir and others to really “interrogate” Andrew. So rather than get an interview about his book, the time was strictly used for a personal attack.

— Douglas Stewart, February 2019.