Jack Posobiec’s Qanon Proof Vs. The Patriot Soapbox’s Larp | ROUND 1

Looks like have Jack Posobiec posted his Proof of Qanon’s creation and the whole internet seems to be on fire. most of the promotional people are saying it’s a hoax and posting a faked video they made saying it’s proof it was faked. We take a look at each of the videos and you tell me what you think. It’s always interesting to see how people react to this kind of information. What if you were so into selling your fable that you actually spent time making a fake to discredit. Now we see they have a way to go, their file size is not right, it’s way to long. It’s also missing all the important pieces of the iphone’s layout for the size it is. This is some b rate work at best. Way to go Jack P and Co.

Ya we get to see live once again how these things are made and paid.

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