MAGA Coalition to Sue QAnon in Multiple Jurisdictions

Today, MAGA Coalition, Inc President Adam Gingrich announced pending litigation to be filed in a federal court to discover the identity of the author of 8chan posts written by “Q,” or “QAnon,” and pursue legal recourse on behalf of the non-profit. The case involves several posts on the 8chan board where “QAnon” anonymously promulgated a libelous attack on the MAGA Coalition, despite clear and publicly discoverable evidence to the contrary on the Federal Elections Commission ( website.


“Four months ago, a person or persons posting on 8chan under a unique trip code identifying as Q, made malicious and demonstrably false statements about our federally registered non-profit,” said PAC President Adam Gingrich. “These baseless claims were then blasted out in unison through several associated social media accounts to maximize the damage to our ability to function. We hold all these prominent Q accounts, along with the 8chan poster, accountable for the systemic re-publication of these defamatory claims.”


MAGA Coalition Vice President Glenn Herman went a step further, adding, “The days of anonymously smearing people and businesses online are over. This legal action will be accompanied by other measures as well. We have here a person or group of people claiming to both work for the President of the United States and to possess top military intelligence clearance. Such claims will be pursued as a matter of course with federal agencies like the FBI and the Secret Service. Serious crimes are being perpetrated here, in addition to the civil offenses against our corporate entity.”


The case will require filings in multiple jurisdictions in addition to the federal lawsuit that will be filed later this month. MAGA Coalition board members acknowledged the gravity of the task, as well as the financially crippling impact the defamatory claims have had on the PAC.


“It gives me no pleasure to put aside our plans to positively contribute to the 2020 elections in order to focus on this litigation,” said PAC Treasurer Ginger McQueen. “Every attorney we consulted repeated a similar theme; that this action requires demonstrably false attacks on a public forum, and having done it explicitly by name. In this case, we have proof of both in spades.”


The MAGA Coalition is the only corporate entity with legal standing to end the fraudulent activity by exposing the person or persons who posted as Q in late March 2019. In addition to the damage done to the PAC, this action is necessary to ensure the integrity of political discourse. QAnon adherents are linked to numerous arrests, including two alleged murderers. Carefully constructed online feedback loops targeting QAnon followers reinforce that what is at work here is a fundamentalist, radical, and anti-American ideology that operates outside of the Constitution. Many followers adopt a good versus evil world view that they seem to feel justifies the harassment of those who challenge their extremism. Unfulfilled promises create a perpetual state of anticipation and anger that leads to aggression. Revealing the identity of the poster(s) will stop the cycle of cyber abuse that has been perpetrated in order to take advantage of the vulnerable, mentally ill, and the lonely.


MAGA Coalition board members acknowledged that they will exhaust funds that remain in the PAC to pursue a remedy to the crippling financial damages that resulted from the attacks by Q and related social media accounts. They will provide a link on their website ( for those who wish to contribute to the legal costs associated with the litigation, revealing the true identity of Q, and to hold the person(s) responsible for their reckless claims accountable.


More information will be made to the media by request.


Media Contact:

Adam Gingrich

President, MAGA Coalition

(866) 776-6242 Ext 101

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