The MAGA Coalition exists to put America First policies at the forefront of our next election season. For too long our politicians in Congress have failed to help us facilitate efforts to make this country great again. We have made it our mission to identify the obstructionists in DC and to advocate the America First principles that catapulted Donald Trump to the White House.

We have seen the establishment on both sides of the aisle work night and day to derail the agenda of returning our nation back to prosperity and security. It’s time we put our fate back into our own hands.

We are also diametrically opposed to the coven of grifters and scammers that have infiltrated the MAGA community and will fight them on every front available.

Our mission is to bring to life the hope and promise we all felt when we voted for change and for a new day in America. We demand Fair Trade, Border Security, Reduced Taxes and Protection of the 2nd Amendment. The MAGA Coalition is committed to minimizing costs and maximizing your investment in our efforts. Together, we will get busy Making America Great Again!

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