Praying Medic is #QAnon – with PHOTO EVIDENCE

#Qanon Attacks #MagaCoalition Two Days In A Row. Maga Coalition only has 500 subscribers on Youtube. What is #Q So Afraid of and why is he attacking this small GOP super pac? Behold, Praying Medic has a long history with Adam Gingrich, the president of MAGA Coalition. Medic’s own personal animus has exposed himself as being behind the Q drops, using the #QAnon boards to attack Adam Gingrich’s organization. Medic is the one that has problems, because his website states he is a non profit ‘ministry’ while lying and using his persona to post and ‘decode’ Q drops that he made himself. WooooWeeeeee the LARP has collapsed in real time thanks to greed, selfishness, and deceit.

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