SNL With Adam Gingrich & Richard Baris “Political Cost of Impeachment Farce”

Dems have unleashed forces they can no longer control. We are embarking on a path never travelled before. Adam Gingrich & Richard Baris analyze the pandora’s box the dems have opened and what it means for the 2020 election.

Richard Baris (@Peoples_Pundit) is the CEO of People’s Pundit Daily Polling, the most accurate polling outfit during the 2016 election.

Adam Gingrich has spent the last 20 plus years of his life working in and around government and politics. In addition to being a government analyst and directing operations for a state executive agency, he has managed campaigns from the local and state levels, including working with the past 4 republican presidential campaigns. In 2016 he learned a whole new level of political communication and strategy working with the Trump campaign in 2016.

He is currently the President of the MAGA Coalition, a Trump Policy aligned PAC.

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